Horse Behaviour

Could you and your horse benefit from a horse behaviour consultation while you are staying with us in Shropshire?


Owning and riding horses can be incredibly rewarding, relaxing and therapeutic. However, like all intelligent animals, horses can develop behavioural issues that can be frustrating, inconvenient or even dangerous for the horse and rider. Moorehouse Farm is owned and run by Lynn Bird, an SEBC trained consultant in horse behaviour. If you are experiencing handling, management, riding or transport problems with your horse you might want to take advantage of our consultation service during your stay.


Some behavioural problems are simply misunderstood ‘normal’ behaviour and can be dealt with by straightforward, practical changes to husbandry or management. However on occasions ‘challenging’ behaviour can indicate discomfort either due to physical issues or poorly fitting tack. Lynn uses reward based training methods and scientific knowledge to help equine owners to develop a deeper understanding of their animal’s behaviour. The relationship between you and your horse is unique and techniques which suits one horse may not suit another. Lynn’s calm, patient and sympathetic approach takes full account of your individual circumstances, preferences and your horse’s character and particular needs; working together with you to make sure that you get a practical solution that suits you and your horse.


If you would like to take advantage of our equine behaviour consultation service, please chat to us while you are placing your booking. Alternatively, CLICK HERE for more information.
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